Social Media Marketing & Web 2.0 The Beginning

February 2, 2010 by Mark  
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Social Media Marketing & Web 2.0 The Beginning

In the beginning was the word and the word was and is all powerful. Now with the Internet, Social Media Marketing & Web 2.0 the word, the news, information, video, etc., travel the world in moments.

If you are reading it in the newspaper it was posted somewhere on the internet/web a day ago or more. So the question is how do we use, understand and benefit from this phenomenon called Social Media Marketing & Web 2.0?

The term “Web 2.0″ was coined by Darcy DiNucci in 1999. In her article “Fragmented Future,” she writes[1]

“The Web we know now, which loads into a browser window in essentially static screenfuls, is only an embryo of the Web to come. The first glimmerings of Web 2.0 are beginning to appear, and we are just starting to see how that embryo might develop The Web will be understood not as screenfuls of text and graphics but as a transport mechanism, the ether through which interactivity happens. It will [...] appear on your computer screen, [...] on your TV set [...] your car dashboard [...] your cell phone [...] hand-held game machines [...] and maybe even your microwave.”

Well it is now 2010 and Social Media Marketing & Web 2.0 are becoming household names, and synonymous since they are all intertwined and part of this World Wide Web. Initially, I fought the push to join Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the rest of the Social Media Networks. Now, I am fully engaged in as many Social Media platforms as I can find. As I realize some are fun and engaging others are used as tools to help get traffic to your Web 2.0 pages where you should have a value proposition, offer, gift, or some compelling reason to take action.

So let’s look at how you can make Social Media Marketing & Web 2.0 work for your business. The real mission for a business is to make more sales & increase revenues. The goal here is to get the ball rolling and start using you internet presence, your website to increase revenues. The first step is to have a publishing platform to work from, that is your Web 2.0 website.

If you’re like me you are probably saying I am already pressed for time. Now I have to learn all about Social Media Marketing & Web 2.0.  Well, the good news is you don’t have to do it all at once. You can do it a little at a time, you have some options.

1.^ DiNucci, D. (1999). “Fragmented Future”. Print 53 (4): 32.

If you are ready right now to take the next step and apply what you’ve read and enjoy growing your business. I have learned some basic steps to help increase traffic to your website, thus increasing revenue for your company. For a more detailed process on how you can incorporate these strategies, I have put together a 3-Part mini course that maps out step by step, how you can succeed using Web 2.0 to grow your business. For immediate delivery, please click on this link to get the course.

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