PART 2: Social Media Marketing & Web 2.0 The Beginning

February 3, 2010 by Mark  
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Social Medi
a Marketing & Web 2.0 The Beginning

As I mentioned in Part 1, the first step is a publishing platform to work from, which is your Web 2.0 website.

The next step is a list building tool built into your website so can start to build a group or groups of people and companies that are interested in what you are doing or have to offer.

Building your list is done by creating a value proposition, offer, gift, or some compelling reason that persuades someone to want to share their contact information in return for your offer.With a Web 2.0 site this can be accomplished with a simple widget or plugin. This can also be done with a Web 1.0 brochure or static style website as well, however it will require additional coding.

Another key step is generate as much traffic or visitors to your website. One way to do this is ask everyone you know and do business with to check out your new website. After a couple of days, weeks or months if you are lucky that will be the end of your traffic. To keep traffic/visitors coming to your website you need to have technology working for you as well.

Getting ongoing traffic can be accomplished by consistently publishing entertaining, enlightening and educational content. In addition to posting relevant informative articles, videos & blog posts to your website you should also publish them with the various sites that specialize distributing and syndicating your content. It must be done CONSISTENTLY! Social Media Marketing & Web 2.0 technologies are the platforms that will allow you to publish with ease.

You ask why? Well, the reason you have to do this consistently is to keep your website alive with new information so Google and the other search engines start to see you as an authority on the subject(s) you communicate about.  This will keep them coming back to see what you have posted. These actions will then get the viral/organic growth to your website. Remember you have to do it CONSISTENTLY.

I’m sure you are probably saying I am already pressed for time. Now I have to think like a publisher and publish new content  consistently, I don’t have the time. Well the good news is you don’t have to write all the material all the time. You have some options.

1.    You can create you own articles as I have done here.

2.    You can search the web for relevant material as long as you include a link back to the individual that actually authored the article.

3.    You can use software tools that will help you rewrite your articles, and articles that you come across while searching the internet. One of the software tools I use is called MassArticleCreator, it does some of the work for you. When you are busy this can be very helpful software tool.

4. You can hire someone to assist you until you get up and running.

5.    My recommendation is you use a combination of the four, creating your own articles; post other author’s articles and use software tools that help you become more efficient, as well as hire someone that can help you fast track the process for you.

6.    Upon the creation of you articles you then need to get them published, again the software that I have researched and found to be very helpful is MassArticleSubmitter.

I encourage you to take the next steps to get a stronger Web 2.0 presence in 2010.

If you are ready to take the next step and apply what you’ve read and enjoy growing your business. I have learned some basic steps to increase traffic to your website, thus increasing revenue for your company. For a more detailed process on how you can incorporate these strategies, I have put together a 3-Part mini course that maps out step by step, how you can start to succeed using Web 2.0 to grow your business. For immediate delivery, please click on this link to get the course.

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